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Welcome To
Primary Solutions Consulting

We are Proud to present:

The Ultimate water treatment solutions, Designed, Engineered and Manufactured for your particular water problems.

Because of our many years of experience, you can count on us to have the best system available to you, for your particular water problems.

Including Scale causing compounds, radiation, sediment, chemicals, iron, acid, Sulfur water, and any combination of these water problems, any where in the world.. Let us design The Ultimate water treatment system for you.

We are not loyal to water softener distributors.

We are loyal to our ever growing family of          satisfied customers.


Primary Solutions Consulting

  • Offers Houston and surrounding neighbors the finest water treatment solutions available in the world today.
  • We also offer a full line of pure soaps Luxury Bath and body products, purely gentle Laundry soaps and All-purpose cleaners. You will love the special fragrances non-fragrances and lathers of pure soap in your soft water.
  • We offer Professional installation of water Heaters sink faucets and drains, we fix leaks and many other little plumbing problems.
  • We also offer a semiannual service plan. we will come to your home twice a year, add your salt, check and fix what ever is wrong this service is only $75.00 no trip or labor fees ask for details...

  • We offer full service and installation of all water softener, water filter and reverse osmosis brands.

Hague, RAINsoft, cULLIGAN, Rayne  ECT.




We prefer being loyal to our customers because we care about our customers.

With over twenty two years experience
in the water treatment business.
Iíve learned the Important things that you should know about water treatment.

I urge you Please! Don't buy any sort of water treatment devices until you have spoken to a
Primary Solutions Consultant.

We will save you Thousands of dollars
and hours of headaches, frustration and confusion.

We take pride in pleasing our customers, if you are not a present customer give us a call test us, allow us to show you the quality and value we offer without obligation.

If you are a present customer please visit the tips page and feel free also to ask any questions you may have by E-mail or phone (713) 983-9938 we are here for you.

Also remember our referral program tell your friends about us It will be our pleasure to reward you.

God Bless You All
Thank you.



But in order to be competitive we also offer the same systems as everyone else for much less.

We have water softeners starting at $995.00 that our competitors sell for $3000.00 to $6000.00 that's right, look at the pictures below. You've seen these systems in your neighbors garages as well as standing lopsided along side their homes. we offer the highest quality instillations and brands at truly affordable prices.

This group of water softeners Below does not represent what we Prefer to sell.

We do service them all.

Believe it or not people are still spending 3 to 6 thousand dollars for these systems.

Then they call us to service them, because their company is out of business. Or they are just tired of paying for service and not getting positive results.

We can repair your system, many times using more superior parts than the original or replace your system with a far superior system. Designed for your Particular water problems.