Get the Facts about water treatment systems:

On this page. You need to find the closest description to your particular water problem. Follow that Link .

You will see, what your options are. And why I recommend a particular solution. Keep in mind. I can offer you any, and all of these solutions.

 However I've chosen to take the time to educate you. And get you the best solutions available in the world.

I am in the field every day I work on all brands of softeners and filters. My time is best spent selling systems that don't require high maintenance, and working on the bad ones, until those customers give up and say.

"OK Wayne give me the right solution" . One of the most rewarding parts of my business is the happy and friendly customer.

City water: This is any water that is treated, before it comes to your home. This water has been treated to a point. Then they add the chlorine. If you have chlorine in your water. Follow this link.

Well water This will be water that comes directly from you're own well.

Well water can be very complicated. However if the water is tested properly. And the technician really knows what they're doing. All problems can be solved. Keep this in mind. If they only have one or two options available. They are selling what they have. Not what would be best for you. If you have well water follow this link.