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Water Conditioning




Treat yourself a little more gently

Chem-free Platinum Series™

Water Conditioning System


Unconditioned water is one tough problem.






There’s only one way to say it:

unconditioned water has no

place in your lifestyle. But you

can eliminate it from your

home – and your life – with

one of the most sophisticated

water conditioning systems available today.

The Chem-free Platinum Series™

water conditioning system from

Primary SolutionsConsulting



Tough on

  your home.



From clogged pipes, to stained sinks,

to cloudy glassware.

unconditioned water leaves its mark all over your house.

Resulting in a whole host of problems. Including:

• Clogged water pipes

• Unsightly stains on sinks, tubs

   and tiles

• Cloudy, spotted glassware

• Reduced effectiveness of cleaning


• More time spent scrubbing tile, sinks

   and more



 on you.


Unconditioned water can affect

you personally. In your shower. In your kitchen, and elsewhere in your house.

From fabrics to bath soaps, and shampoos.

This water can leave you with:

• Scratchy, itchy towels

• Premature fabric failure

• Soaps that don’t lather as well,

   leaving a residue on skin and hair

• Up to 50%* more money spent on

   soaps, shampoos, detergents and

   other cleaning products

*Source: WQA


Improvement you can feel for yourself


Once you have conditioned your water. You can feel the difference immediately.

Your skin and hair will feel cleaner, fresher and softer after showering. Your towels and other fabrics will regain their natural softness, fluffiness and comfort.

Sheets and bedding will feel cleaner and be fresher smelling.

Your glassware and dishes will sparkle once again, and unsightly spots will be eliminated. And those ugly stains in your sink and in other areas of your bathroom will be gone for good. 

Cut spending on detergents and other cleaning supplies – by up to 50%

• Showering gives you a fresh, clean feel

• Machine washables will rinse cleaner, feel  softer and retain color longer.

• Dishes can be rinsed without costly drying agents.

So when it comes to improving your lifestyle, saving money on cleaning products and feeling better in your own home, the choice shouldn’t be hard at all.

The Chem-free Platinum Series. Solves your water problems. Simply.