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Water Conditioning




Ion Exchange Resins >>


Primary Solutions Consulting offers a variety of ion exchange resins to suit just about any water treatment application including:

  1. Ultra Pure Water production
  2. Water softening (residential, commercial and industrial) Various Ion Exchange Resins offered by Res-Kem
  3. Dealkalization
  4. Condensate Polishing
  5. Demineralization
  6. Metals Removal
  7. Nuclear Grade

Primary Solutions Consulting is a stocking distributor for:

  1. Dow - Dowex
  2. Purolite
  3. Sybron Bayer - Ionac & Lewatit
  4. Thermax - Tulsion
Dow-Dowex Resins offered by Res-Kem


Resin Analysis                            


Primary Solutions Consulting offers independent resin analysis to help determine if and when to replace the resin. Our in-house engineering staff can assist in reevaluation of your resin choice in the event the conditions of operation have changed. We have the knowledge to determine what type of resin will work best to maximize the output of your equipment


Occasionally still referred to as Zeolite or Zeolite mineral, ion exchange resin is functionalized polymer/plastic beads that chemically react with ions in water. It was developed as an alternative to zeolite and functions similarly.

Regardless of brand, the core principles of ion exhange resin remain the same. There are 4 main types of resin, each with their own function:

  1. Strong acid cation (SAC)
  2. Weak acid cation (WAC)
  3. Strong base anion (SBA)
  4. Weak base anion (WBA)
Loose Ion Exchange Resins

Mixed Bed resins, sometimes referred to as mix bed resin, are a combination of cation and anion resins. Usually the ratio for mixed bed resin is 1:1 or 1:2 depending on the application. There are also specialty resins for the removal of:

  1. Nitrates
  2. Organics
  3. Arsenic
  4. Perchlorate
  5. TOC

Expected Life of Ion Exchange Resins

Each application requires a different water quality. In general Cation resin for water softening and demineralization may last 5 to 10 years. Anion resins used in demineralization last anywhere from 3 to 5 years and are dependent on operational conditions. Like every other resin, the life of mixed bed resin is dependent on the application in which it is being used. Resin life is difficult to predict; in critical applications itís best to start analyzing and benchmarking the resin at least once per year. Remember high levels of chlorine in your water will dramatically, reduce the life of your resin.It is strongly recomended that you pre filter to remove the chlorine.